Email PLRYou start building a list and what happens?

You actually have to communicate with them!

Holy crap, nobody warned me about that!!!

So, what do I talk about?

Easy there, Holder, before you get all fast and furious on me I’ve got your back!

You are doing the smart thing by building your list, and being even smarter looking for great content to send to your peeps.

Emails that deliver great value, and still afford you the opportunity to sell (in this email) if you so desire.

Moreover, you can build tremendous goodwill by helping them to learn things they might otherwise have not.

I make my living writing emails, both for myself and others. Getting emails of this kind of quality done for you is not cheap. This is a good way to hit the ground running, and learn how to craft your autoresponder series so that it actually gets opened and makes you money!

There are so many tasks we all have to do each day in this business; don’t let your list become the thing that gets neglected!!!!

They are your most important asset, not that latest status update or tweet!

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere soon, and it is still your best bet for making a lasting and lucrative living online.

You’ve got PLR rights to these, so they can be used in any way you desire, except for resale. They make fine blog posts as well!

These cover a wide range of topics. Here’s a brief sample of some of the subjects covered:

Spyfu – Competitive Analysis Supercharged!

What is Alexa and Why Do I Care Again?

5 Productivity Principles to Live By!

Cool Google Tools for Marketing Fools!

Business or Hobby: Decide Now!

Don’t Be Afraid to Lead!

Eat that Frog!

Take Action, or Money Loves Speed!

Tell me about your business…

Finding Different Ways to Reach Customers

Is PPC Right for you?

Is Facebook good for businesses, or not?

Don’t have analytics? How much do you really know?

Does Mobile Marketing Convert Better Than Email?

How Often Should I Update My Content? Like, never?

How to get people to sign up for your email list

Don’t let Social Media trash your online reputation!

Using YouTube to Drive Massive Traffic?

What is Google+ and why should I care?

It would take you a great deal of time to come up with these on your own, that’s even if you fancy yourself a decent writer.

Why not take advantage of these and load them up into your autoresponder and give your audience what they’re seeking: helpful useful information that makes you look the hero!

I charge $15 per custom email I write for clients, so you’re staring at $825 worth of email love!

Once you have the files, edit your name in there, and insert any affiliate links that you want. There are instructions in the doc on how to do that if you aren’t clear.

Don’t let those hard earned names on your email list languish while you try and write an autoresponder series for them. Use this set to get going, and start marketing to your list properly!

Get Going Today!