Moonlighting on the InternetA few days ago a friend of mine, Shelby Larson, published a marvelous book entitled Moonlighting on the Internet.

I may be biased, but she’s hit a home run for those seeking to add an extra income stream using the internet. She gives you not only detailed insights into a number of viable ways to create income through the internet, but also a wealth of mindset and lifestyle advice that can help make this a success.

Shelby uses her vast experience from running a digital content marketing agency to provide a unique and powerful insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Rather than merely serving up the latest silver bullet ideas to help you make millions in your underwear, Shelby’s aim is to provide insight into how you can channel your skills into reliable and proven methods to create both short and long term income to help you and your family get where you want to go. No hype or flash here. Simple, easy to implement tactics.

What you’ll learn in Moonlighting on the Internet

Moonlighting on the Internet will show you how to:
• Assess your skills, resources, and goals
• Evaluate the right profit path for you
• Find clients, create proposals, manage projects, and set rates
• Market your website using smart, high-quality content that ranks well
• Generate traffic using display ads, retargeting, and other traffic drivers
• Distribute content using social media, Q&A sites, and forums
• Create sales funnels using proven traffic strategies and tactics.

Moonlighting in the Internet was first put out by Yanik Silver years ago. He not only approved this version, but wrote the foreword as well. I read his version as well and Shelby picks up where technology and marketing left off. This is a fine followup!

It’s available on Amazon in trade paperback or on Kindle as well.

Give it a look. You won’t be disappointed!