In case you haven’t been awake for the last couple of years, you already know that YouTube video ads is where it’s at when it comes to garnering an audience for your brand and products. Humans process visuals some 60,000 times faster than textual data, and if that weren’t enough, videos have been shown to increase your conversion rates by at least 20%!


What are YouTube Video Ads?

No, these aren’t the little on-screen annotations you see on many videos. This can actually be ads in a sense, but what we are talking about are the videos that autoplay directly before the video you clicked watch shows. You’ve no doubt encountered this in YouTube yourself.

These are short “commercials” for lack of a better term, and are called in-stream ads, or pre-roll ads. The viewer can click out after watching for at least 5 seconds to go on to their chosen video if this doesn’t interest them. Click the ad and you’re taken to the advertiser’s offering.

12 Tips for Effective YouTube Video Ads!

1. Keep them short: 60 seconds to 3 minutes is ideal – Remember, they didn’t come here to watch your ad, so keep it short. Shoot for between 1-3 minutes.

2. Address pain points and offer a solution – If you are using this interruption properly, you’ll make sure you are addressing a viewer’s pain points and pointing to a possible remedy.

3. Get to the point early – Okay, you’ve got a very limited time frame to work with here, so you need to cut to the chase quickly. Research shows you may have a few as 5 seconds to get your hook in, so don’t dally!

4. Select promising placements – Take the time to research and find good placements videos for your ads to poach from. This may well be the most time-consuming part of the job, but it could be the most profitable as well.

5. Consider video to video – One way to increase conversions is to remember that they were watching a video, so it may be a good idea to send them to another, as it seems to be their preferred mode.

6. Make your landing pages relevant! – Another way to pump up conversions is to make sure that your ad and your landing pages are entirely congruent. Don’t mislead thinking the content on your landing page will win them over. It won’t. It will tick them off!

7. Use a clear and bold call to action – Don’t be shy about telling your audience what to do. They need you to do this for them, and power of suggestion hasn’t diminished lately.

8. Use Remarketing code – Take advantage of YouTube video ads retargeting option. It can be a very cheap way to get more targeted views.

9. Keep your daily budget small in the beginning – Be mindful of your daily ad spend at the start of your campaign. It’s always a good idea to start smallish, $5-10 day, until you are happy with your targeting and ads themselves.

10. Optimize your campaign – Use the analytics found in YouTube to determine what if any changes need to be made to your campaigns, and don’t be shy about killing an ad should it not be working. Testing your ads, even with a video ad, is important if you want to be profitable.

11. Be careful with bumpers and intros – Your ad starts at the moment your video does, so if you are tempted to use any fancy intros or brand bumpers, you may want to rethink this, as they may click out before you even get a chance to see your ad.

12. SEO your videos! – Don’t think SEO doesn’t count in YouTube video ads! You’re still in Google/YouTube, and take the time to optimize the video you’ve uploaded with proper title tags, description and keywords.